About Us and Our Products

Est in 2012, family owned and operated 5150 flavors is a wholesaler and retailer of high-quality gourmet flavorings, catering to both the home consumer and businesses. With a culinary background, we started this journey with the intention of providing complex and unique flavor mixtures for industry and niche consumption.

Our one shot flavor concentrates are a premium blend of several flavors to achieve a desired flavor profile. Our goal is to provide a unique variety of flavors produced with the finest ingredients and quality for your desired purpose, whether used for baking, confectionary, cocktails/mocktails, coffee, Soylent, nutritional shakes, and molecular gastronomy, or any niche purpose you can think of we are sure that 5150 has flavors that can inspire your creations.

Flavor Concentrates are blends of various materials, both synthetic and natural, that are usually diluted in a food-safe solvent. The most common carriers for flavor are Propylene Glycol, Ethanol (drinking alcohol), Vegetable Glycerin (glycerol), and Triacetin. The flavor blends we offer are very concentrated, and are not meant to be ingested directly without diluting; they are meant to be used as flavoring agents for many types of applications.

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